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Northwood Ravin living

Northwood Ravin living

Our commitment is steadfast: To exceed residents' expectations. That means never cutting corners, and always going the extra mile. That’s the Northwood Ravin difference by design.

Designed for living

Designed for living

NWR Communities start with people.

We thrive on the development of environments made for easy living, inside and out. By respectfully preserving land and trees or creating pocket parks, courtyards and inviting green spaces, we work to develop places that bring people together, naturally.

Northwood Ravin was formed in 2011 by Northwood Investors and Ravin Partners LLC.  Northwood Investors is a privately-held real estate investment advisor that was founded in 2006 by John Z. Kukral, the former President and CEO of Blackstone Real Estate Advisors. Ravin Partners was formed by David Ravin from the former Residential division of Crosland LLC, one of the most prominent diversified real estate companies in the Southeast and recognized as a leading community builder.